Simple Stated Income 1 Family Investor Mortgage


This mortgage loan is designed for Real Estate Professional Investors and Mortgage Professionals, including real estate brokers 


Interest Rates are generally lower than hard money lenders. Lender terms and point fees (If any) can quoted upon inquiry with us.

Loans are relatively simple to be approved and close within 30 days. We prefer 2 week closings, whenever possible.

The loan is designed for a one family dwelling; the, real estate investor is be able to rent the property if so desired for a long term, or to buy-sell within three years at any time during the loan term. Both options are available for all loans during the entire loan term. The monthly payment is usually based upon a 30 year amortization, with no balloon.

1. Loan Amounts: $100,000 to $1,000,000.

2. Maximum 75% Loan-to-Value  Mortgage Financing by  First Mortgage.

3. No Personal Income Information Requested

4. No Minimum DSC Ratio Requirement for single family properties.

5.Loan Purpose: Purchase Property, Cash-Out Refinance, Rate & Term Refinance.

6. Maximum 80% Combined Loan-to- Value Financing Permitted (10% Third Party, Second Mortgage)

7. Fully Amortized, 30 Years - Commercial Mortgage Loan.

8. No Balloon Payment at Maturity

9. Assumable With Permission of Servicer (1% fee)

10. Prepayment Penalty 5% (During initial fixed interest rate period only)

11. 3 Year or 5 Year Initial Fixed Interest Rate; thereafter Adjustable Interest Rate Balance of  Loan Term. For details contact us.

11. Index: Contact us.

12. Borrower is always an entity: Corporation, or Limited Liability Company (LLC)

13. Guarantor is Approved Individual, Not Intending To Reside in Subject  Property.

14. Property Must Be NON-Owner Occupied Property; a  Rental Property.

15. Underwriter may require additional information documentation, deemed necessary. Loan terms determined when loan is approved by underwriter.

Initial Documents:

            a. Mortgage Loan Application 1003

            b. Purchase - Contract of Sale ;  Refinance - Copy  of deed or title insurance policy, or at             least section, block, and lot type description

            c. Credit Report Authorization form signed.

            e. Appraisal Authorization signed and Deposit Required.

            g. Miscellaneous expenses including, but not limited to: credit reports, title abstract and commitment, loan fee agreement, appraisal etc.

Processing Documents, Contact:

Priscilla Li

Vice President, Mortgage Processing Dept.

ABC Capital Corp



Applications & Processing: (718) 380-7373

Loan Questions: (718) 380-7373 or cell (347) 551-0800


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Executive Offices:

179-14 Union Turnpike,

Fresh Meadows, New York 11366

Inquiries Contact:

Norman M. Carniol, Esq

for a Commercial Mortgage Current Rate Indication and answers to your questions for an Investor Commercial Mortgage Loan and/or a Business Owner-User Commercial Mortgage Loan:

Office: (718) 380-7373

7 Days: (347) 551-0800


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