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External Wholesale & Retail:

Independent Commercial Mortgage Financing Sales Representation Opportunity
New York State

(Note: Neither a mortgage broker (nor originator) license is needed.)

ABC Capital Corp is on the front line as a commercial mortgage financing conduit.

Our company is a Commercial Mortgage Banker and Conduit to Wall Street.

We service the "licensed mortgage broker referred" (& "real estate broker/salesperson" referred)
commercial and multifamily mortgage borrower.

Our top management has 35 + years top management experience in mortgage banking.

We are experienced multifamily and commercial mortgage bankers and have loaned mortgage money
from coast to coast.

If you want to enter and prosper in the commercial finance end of the mortgage & real estate industry,
you can learn and earn substantial money doing mortgage business at ABC;

ABC Capital is seeking a capable mortgage broker or real estate broker/salesperson who is dedicated
to obtaining long term financial prosperity.

The selected independent broker/salesperson will  have available ABC's:

A. Superior mortgage products

B. Infrastructure support

C. Knowledge and guidance

to service a network of wholesale/retail multifamily and commercial borrower referral sources.

This is an opportunity to do wholesale/retail  commercial mortgage financing business with:

1. Real estate brokers

2. Residential mortgage brokers

3. Residential mortgage bankers

4. Commercial mortgage brokers

Commercial Property Types Include:

1. Multifamily Properties

2. Mixed-Use Real Estate

3. Office Buildings

4. Retail Property, including Strip Malls and Shopping Centers.

5. Industrial Property, including Warehouses, Distribution Facilities, Manufacturing, etc.

6. Hotels

7. Auto Repair Facilities

8. Self-Storage Properties


Required Qualifications include:

1. Experience in either mortgage or real estate sales.

2. Willingness to work from your outside office (or home office).

3. Good Communication and Basic Math Skills

4. Willingness to provide efficient, timely, reliable and courteous service.

5. Dedicated to achieving multiple six figure annual income

6. Bilingual skills in English plus either Korean, Chinese, Spanish, Hebrew, Russian, etc., is a Plus.

7. College Degree or Equivalent Experience

8. Licensed as a real estate broker (or salesperson) in New York.


Inquiries - Forward your detailed business vitae to:

Norman M. Carniol
ABC Capital Corp.

Fax: 718-380-7151


Office: 718-380-7373

(Note: Emailed documents must be PDF format)


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