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Fast  No Income Check Commercial Mortgage 
Property Net Income Driven Mortgage Loans

A. Loan Amounts: $100,000 to $5,000,000 for Real Estate Investors and Business Owner-User Properties. Loans to Corporations and Limited Liability Companies 

B. These loans are not considered "hard money loans". Interest rates are competitive for the terms being offered.

C. Loan Purposes:

                        1. Purchase

                        2. Cash-Out Refinance (100% Cash-Out Refinance Acceptable)

                        3. Rate & Term Refinance

D. Property Types:

                        1. Mixed-Use Property- Business Usage may be rented or commercial owner-user. Apartments must be Non-Owner Occupied.

                        2. Multifamily Property (5 Units)

                        3. Retail Properties (Store, Strip Mall, Shopping Center)

                        4. Office Building, Professional Office Building

                        5. Warehouse (Light manufacturing may be considered).

                        6. Automotive Service Properties (Mechanical, Body Shop, Detailing, etc. No gas.)

                        7. Self Storage Properties (Cold Storage - Exception Basis)

8. Investor Owned 1 to 4 Family Homes, From 1 to 1,000

E. Maximum Loan - to - Value:

                        1. Multifamily & Mixed Use - 75%, Combined LTV - 80%

                        2. Commercial Property Types - 65%, Combined LTV - 80%

F. Higher Maximum Combined Loan-to-Value of 80% May be considered. - Outside Third Party Second Mortgages Maximum 10% of Value (Exception basis).

G. Fixed Interest Rate Period: 3 or 5 Years, thereafter Adjustable Rate. Groups of Homes will be considered as 5 or 10 year fixed interest rate, with 25 -30 year payment amortization rate.

H. Maximum Term: 5, 10, 30 Years with Monthly Payments

I. Prepayment Penalty Period: 3, 5, 10 Years (Will match the fixed interest rate period). Prepayment Penalty may be decreased for an additional fee, 3 or 5 year fixed.

J. Minimum Fico Score: 650 Middle Score

K. Real Estate Investment or Business Owner-User Properties, Borrower must be an Entity Borrowers.

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Please feel free to complete this form.and return at any time. If you have a specific day and time for service, please complete the Comments section. If Comment is blank, we shall try to contact you immediately if at all possible.  Our policy is to provide knowledgeable experienced service to you. ABC Capital Corp is a multifamily, commercial property, and investor 1-4 family lender and conduit. Our top management has owned and operated mortgage banking companies whose total lending exceeds $2,000,000,000 during the past 25 years.(Yes, we have the correct number of zero's). Our knowledge is available to assist you, beginning right here.

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