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Fannie Mae Multifamily, Affordable Housing, Senior Care, & Student Housing Mortgage Loans

1. ABC's Fannie Mae Multifamily and Senior Housing Mortgages are handled on an accelerated basis for all underwriting, credit review, through closing by the underwriting company.

Mortgage loan amounts from $2,000,000 to $25,000,000  are Expedited by the underwriter

"Delegated Authority" to "Make Loan Decisions" (Not just

 "pre-approvals") and
quickly close loans with No Time-Consuming Prior Review by Fannie Mae.

2. Very Competitive Interest Rates and Loan Terms.

3. Property Types:

  • Multifamily - Apartment,
  • Seniors housing, including:
    • Assisted Living Facilities
    • Independent Living Properties
    • Skilled Care Facilities
  • Mobile Home Park
  • Student Housing

4. Maximum Loan-to-Value: 75%

5. Loan Purposes and Miscellaneous Terms:

  • Renovation
  • Acquisition
  • Refinance
  • Affordable Housing
  • Senior Housing
  • Seconds
  • Early Rate Lock

5. Loan Type: Fixed Rate or Adjustable Rate Mortgage

6. Time from Application to Closing Typically About 50-60 Days

7. Available: Nationally

Additional Information, Loan Request Discussion and Pre-Approval, Contact:

Priscilla Li

Vice President, Processing


Office:  (718) 380-7373

7 Days:  (347) 886-9778

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