Bridge Loan Development

Unusual Bridge Loan Financing

Multifamily Mortgage  Commercial Mortgage

Industrial Mortgage  Financing:

Combination BRIDGE LOAN +  Competitive End Loan "Long Term Mortgage Financing"

Bridge Loan     Commercial Loan  Financing  Investment Banker      CMBS  Loan

Mortgage Banker       Hard Money Loan  Rehabilitation Mortgage Loan    Renovation  Loan

Bridge Loan Basic Information

Bridge Loan Amounts:                                                        $1,000,000 to $100,000,000

Bridge Loan Term:                                                                30 Days to 3 Years.

Maximum Loan-to-Value &/or Loan-to-Cost Financing:  90% Financing
        (Project/Transaction                                                                                                                                      Investment)

Real Estate Financing Availability Goal:                      " Project Equity Should Grow"
                                                                                                 Using Bridge Loan
                                                                                                  LongTerm Mortgage End Loan                                                                                                                 Financing

Borrower Goal:                                                                  Fast Real Estate Acquisition





                                                                                                Intermediate and Long Term Profits

                                                                                                Short Term and Long Term                                                                                                     Mortgage Financing

Borrower Required Qualifications Include:                 Experienced Principal, Developer, General Contractor, Partner.

Property Types:

                                                                                                Multifamily Property

                                                                                                Senior Independent Living

                                                                                                Senior Care

                                                                                                Assisted Living Facility

                                                                                                Nursing Home

                                                                                                Community Hospital / 

                                                                                                Other Healthcare Facility

                                                                                                Retail Shopping Mall

                                                                                                Retail Shopping Center

                                                                                                Retail Strip

                                                                                                Office Building

                                                                                                Office Development


                                                                                                Commercial / Industrial 
Distribution Facilities

                                                                                                Industrial Property

                                                                                                Self-Storage Facility(s)

Lender Goal: To provide Both:
Bridge Loan and "Competitive Long Term End Loan" Mortgage Take-Out


Inquiries - Contact:

Norman M. Carniol,  Esq


ABC Capital Corp


Office:(718) 380-7373

Direct: (347) 551-0800

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