90% LTV Multifamily Mortgage

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ABC Capital Corp Announcement -  The Following Loan Program is Now Available:

High Loan-to-Value  Multifamily Mortgage Financing

90% Financing

Conventional Portfolio Multifamily Mortgage Loans:

1. Loan Amounts : Minimum $5,000,000 to No Maximum Limit

2. Maximum Loan-to-Value: 90% (Negotiable- Each deal's LTV determined by underwriter's make sense underwriting).

3. Property Types: Multifamily, Senior Care, Student Housing

4. Purpose(s): Purchase or Refinance - With (or Without) Rehabilitation or Repair Money

  • 90% Financing is available to either Purchase or Refinance the subject property
  • Plus Rehabilitation or Repair Money.

5. Portfolio loan (Not FHA insured) - Typical Term: 1 or 2 Years  (Exception to 3 Years). Balloon Loan.

6. Geographic Availability: Nationally

7. Interest Rate: Determined by Risk Level. Higher Loan-to-Value, increases the interest rate.

Reasonable Competitive Rates. This is not a hard money loan. Borrower and Subject Property Information must be submitted and approved by underwriter.

8. Time From Application to Closing: Typically 45 - 60 days (Estimate)

Inquiries Submit Information by Email or Contact:

Norman M. Carniol, Esq.
Chief Executive Officer
ABC Capital Corp

Email: quote@ABCcapital.us

Office: (718) 380-7373

Direct: (347) 551-0800

Executive Offices:
179-14 Union Turnpike
Flushing, New York 11366

Our office speaks both English and Chinese.

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